Why Attempting to Work From Home Can Be Hard?


When someone is looking for a solid way to make a living working from home there are several challenges they will often face.  The first is finding a credible company and the second is finding a person, group, system or company that will truly TRULY provide help and training when you first start doing something new.  The bottom line is a credible company may be a way to make a good income but if you don’t have solid training you have nothing at all.  You can have the best training but if you are working with something that is a scam then once again you are wasting your time.

Let’s talk about a credible company.  There are many legitimate home business opportunities out there that are often considered a scam.  This is typically a quick judgment and may or may not be the case.  Many people would claim Amway is a scam.  The fact is it’s not.  The fact is it’s network marketing and gets a bad rap…  but people have made a lucrative income in that company.  Not liking something does not make it a scam.  So part of a credible company means first you must like it and second does it have a long term track record.  Any company that has been around for 10 years or more has faced scrutiny and survived they are credible.

But as we mentioned before finding a legitimate home business is more than just finding a legitimate credible company.  I personally would not be an Amway guy for several reasons but first and foremost is the “leaders” who are making the money are also “making” money on the training.  Personally I think that’s a conflict of interest.  Second most people who start working want to make money very quickly.  So does the training have results of people making 1,000 or 5,000 or even 10,000 a month in a short period of time AND DOES THE TRAINING SHOW YOU HOW?  Can you truly find these people and talk to them one on one.

People are the most valuable commodity of any business.  For something to be credible legitimate and lucrative it must have solid training that is intended to show a novice EXACTLY what it takes to make money very quickly.  Those people who are training should not be just recordings or a special phone number that no one answers.  The results must be live people monthly, not some random website with testimonies or recorded info.  Live real and people who are not a “paid” endorsement.

I can honestly say it’s why I’ve succeeded with no experience to paying off 292,000 in debt and becoming debt free.  Solid support and mentorship is key!

To Your Success,
Stacy O’Quinn

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