Why do People Mess Up a Simple Process?


The entire time I’ve worked from home this is something that continues to baffle me.  My company is very specific when you go through our training on what it takes to become successful. 


 Like call this person, read this info and take them to this website.  It’s that specific, but the issue is for whatever reasons most people who come along choose to add a new flavors to the mix.

A new person will come along and completely change everything up.  They’ve never made money or had any success and suddenly they decide to “create” a new script.  Or they think that people who are succeeding are not reading it.  It’s the craziest thing.

I have already made over 17,000 dollars this month and I read the stinking same scripts that every new person is for some reason not reading or worse, rewriting.  WHY?  The scripts that we read are from Dani Johnson’s script book, heck they helped her make a million dollars in your second year in business.  Who am I to “change” it up?

It is a breath of fresh air when someone comes along and they GET IT. 

Kenny from MS is one of those people he just started at the beginning of Feb. and he’s on track to generate about 6400 dollars his first month he and I have worked together.

Another example is Diana in OH she’s generated 11,000 dollars in her first 2 months.

Congrats to Kenny, Diana, and congrats to anyone who has found a simple process and are smart enough to just follow directions.  Kenny and Diana have really done that well so far, this is just the beginning and they will make a lucrative income just reading a script.

Be Like Kenny and Diana,
Read the Flippin’ Script,
Stacy O’Quinn

P.S. You can teach someone but you can’t make someone DO IT!


  1. Nancy says:

    It’s so true. Sometimes simple is taken as too easy, it can’t be that easy, but all the proof anyone needs is to follow the leaders that are already making it happen. How great could we all be together, what could we accomplish? Envision your success.

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