Why Does DFI Coastal Travel Work?


Today I was speaking to a friend who is a financial advisor and he asked me why did that online coastal travel business I did work so well? It was a simple question and it almost totally stopped me in my tracks for a second. Coastal Travel is an incredible opportunity how/why does it work so well?

I’ve always said the business was simple but why? I’m going to lay out in bullet points what I explained to him and why I believe Coastal Travel is so simple.

1. The product is in huge demand. Who does not want to take a vacation? With the news and perception that the economy is slow who does not want to make some extra money on top of that? But that alone does not make it simple.

2. The presentations, the telling and selling is already done for you. DFI is a marketing and training system established by Coastal Travel Directors for Coastal Travel Directors. IF you are part of the DFI Marketing/Training and Development system then you don’t have to build websites that is already done. Live Conference calls that are live and with real people. Hosted by people who are giving back of their time. Usually 6 Figure Income earners doing the presenting for you and answering questions for you when you are brand new.

3. Advertising and Marketing already figured out. While you can market coastal travel like any other product or service. If you don’t have that type of background you can use the same marketing methods that every other leader is using. 95% of the money I ever earned came utilizing our marketing companies that DFI has set up for us. This is probably one of the biggest reasons for success. The successful directors are building their business just like the newest person. That’s duplication.

4. Support and Training is unbelievable. In Coastal Travel you can believe that almost always your director I don’t care how long they have been around they will be there to help you. It’s genius the way the training pay works. I’d say it definitely ensures that someone is there to help you but, on top of that the DFI Training System is incredible. 18 live support training calls every week were successful directors are volunteering their time to help you build a business and succeed. They are giving back because someone did it for them. OK maybe this is the reason for the business being so simple.

The bottom line is this where else in corporate America does it exist were the most successful people will volunteer hours a week to help guide you and be there to provide feedback for you when ever you need it. If you are like me you maybe wandering what do they get for it? That was my biggest question about 4 years ago as well. The reality is they get absolutely nothing except for a good feeling inside knowing they are helping someone get to where they are.

5. The People, are genuine honest and real. Some of the best people I ever met in my life were in DFI. I’d have to say that DFI makes Coastal Travel what it is. People who care about you from day one. It doesn’t matter that they don’t know you, in the beginning you just know that they are there to help. It’s not till later that you realize behind the scenes on every call there are hundreds of people in the background that are cheering you on and pulling for you. They really do want you to succeed. Over time they start to learn who you are as a person, by your voice over the phone and your personality. How many times have you had someone encourage you to do better over and over. They were never jealous they just wanted to see you succeed!

I guess I’d have to restate the obvious now because of DFI, Coastal Travel is an extremely simple why to work from home. All the hard part of being in your own business is figured out. They have the product, the presentations are figured out for your clients via websites or conference calls, they have the clients already expecting to hear back from you and they have people that are incredibly giving. Over all combined DFI has created the best experience of my life.

Living the Dream,
Stacy O’Quinn

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  1. Tina says:

    OK Dude…. I really don't expect you to post this comment, but I have to ask…6 posts in 5 days…All about working at home with DFI/Coastal. What's up? I'm really starting to wonder if there is something more to this….Miss you and your incredible knowledge, wisdom, straight forward, no BS approach…Are we soon to be hearing more from you? Are these posts just teasers??? What's really going on here??? hmmmm…LOL

  2. Stacy O'Quinn says:

    OK you made me smile, I think I even feel my eyes watering. NVM it was just a stray eyelash. Life is short and I'm living it to the fullest but no matter how far I go my heart will always be with DFI. I learned a lot and became more of who I am because of each of you. I sorta work independant like I did in DFI so a lot of the principles apply. It was also the easiest money I've ever made in my life there. So anything I can post to help you guys in any way I would. Keep Reading! Happy B-day too, I believe it just passed.

  3. Tina and Mike says:

    Stray…Just know I do wish you the best in whatever road you choose. I hope those you are currently working with, realize what a blessing they have with you. Thank you for continuing to pour into us! And you can be assured, I will continue reading…..Thanks for the
    b-day wishes, it was an awesome day! First row at FSTS, great way to spend the day!

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