Why is 2012 Your Best Chance?


WAHM (Work at home mom) Capri Mulder recently made a statement that showed incredible foresight and wisdom.  Capri owns a lucrative and legitimate home based business and in the last 10 months that I’ve had the fortunate pleasure to work with Capri she’s generated just over $90,000.  (Previously in her job her annual income was $17,000)

Capri could be excited about her success and resting, she’s not!  Capri said that she is going to work her home business as a mom in 2012 as if it’s the last year she can make money in business.  There are several reasons that wisdom blew me away.  So much so I did an entire training call for our company on what is unique right now historically and why 2012 will be the best year for many people that work from home, especially stay at home moms who become work at home moms (WAHM’s).

I don’t share my personal “team” trainings much, but I believe if you are in a home business, if you are looking for a lucrative income, if you need specific strategies for your own business there are some things that can impact you. 

This is the first time I’ve released something for anyone to hear.  I may never do this again.  Take copious notes and make sure you are in a quiet room.  Listen carefully…


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Will 2012 Be your year?
Stacy O’Quinn 


  1. Anissa Bustos says:

    So honored to be able to call Capri Mulder a friend and to be working along side her in business within our company!! Capri is going to continue to see amazing things in 2012 …. even more than the $90,000 in the 10 months already!! Thank you Mr. O’Quinn for sharing her story with so many!! You have given so many the opportunity to be a fly on the wall and have the rare opportunity to take notes!! I highly suggest you DON’T take this opportunity to listen in on this call for granted!! This could possibly change your future!! (though that is up to you!)

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