Why is it Lonely at the Top?


It shouldn’t be!  You hear that so often, that it’s lonely at the top.  Almost as if it’s a fact.  But it doesn’t have to be?  I’m at my current “top” and looking for my next top always looking to improve.  But there is no way I can be my very best alone.  We all need accountability, we all need someone we can work with and become better at who we are.

If you are truly helping people around you, then you will always be raising up others who are at the current TOP.  If you can show someone what you’ve done and then replicate that over and over again then it will never be lonely at the top.  Those you work with some of them will reach your level of success, some of them will even surpass you and the truth is, if you are a real leader it should be CROWDED AT THE TOP!

A true leader  is an example, paves the way and cares for others along the way.  So as you reach the so called top, you should be developing an army of friends.  For me my friends are those I work with, those are the ones we vacation with and build memories.  Speaking of friends we find and meet on the way in business several of us are going on a cruise next week!

Let me say thank you to

Trish Roberts
Gary Mach
Angela Lasher
Toni Cloud
Jeremy McGrath
Daniel King
and their families!

It’s been an honor to work with you and watch your success of the last few months and years!

We all decided pretty last minute that we work from home and have the freedom to go when we want.  We had a goal to hang out together in the fall and it didn’t happen so we are now vacationing next week! Life is short, glad we get to live it together to the fullest! 

Let’s Go to the Top together, there is room for us.
Stacy O’Quinn

P.S.  Who you vacation with are your real friends.  If you don’t invite those you work with then don’t lie to them and tell them you are friends!  Judge the fruit not the words.

P.P.S. If you agree it should be crowded at the top, like and share this to inspire others!

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