Why work at home if you can’t have more time with your KIDS!


Today working in the office Edgar came in and wanted to get his training underway! While it was a little more challenging then most of the new director’s that I work with at least he was on the phone so we got that step covered. It is moments like this that make me glad I’m at home with my kids.

In a training with Hans Johnson recently he said, “It has to be bigger then the money”. He was talking about being successful in life. Money is only a tool and a measuring stick. It has to be bigger then the money! Moments like this I often think about that. It’s great to not be stressed out financially, it’s great to know my future is secure, it’s great to know the kids will go to college but the time freedom in moments like this make me stoked every day to work from home!

If you are looking to spend more time with your kids and have financial freedom and prepared to work there are many options out there! But the first thing I would recommend is to find a system you can duplicate very well and plug into Dani Johnson and First Steps to Success RIGHT AWAY!

If you are working from home and in the hunt for that flexibility and freedom! Then I recommend that you plug in to Dani Johnson and her training to ensure that you will reach the success you are looking for! Keep your eye on the ball! Make a decision on what your outcome will be and DO NOT LOSE SIGHT OF IT! Do not hesitate! Act and act TODAY!

To work from home with us and be at the next Dani Johnson training event…


To Your Ultimate Success!
Stacy OQuinn

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  1. Mr. Jackie O'Quinn says:

    Great job training my nephew to be an entrepreneur!

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