Why You Must Make Money


One of the benefits of making money and helping others make money is together you can do great things.  Below are some orphans that grew up in the Kings Children’s Home in Belize.  Collectively others around the world just helped them to build a safe clean orphanage for over 80 children. This is them saying thank you!  It took money to help them.



Recently I had the pleasure to be in a room with some amazing business men and women.  The conversation turned to why we do what we do and God’s work.  As with many good Christian conversations everything was spiritual based.  Now I had a moment to share and I shared that I plugged into trainings like what Dani Johnson teaches at First Steps to Success from the beginning to learn to make more money.  Today I’m still using, plugging into and recommending the training to make more money.

For a moment it was like a joke as some in the room laughed.  One thought came to my mind.  Without money who pays off their debt and experiences the freedom of being debt-free? Without money how do you provide better opportunities for your children or the children of others? Without money how does the poor get feed? Without money who takes care of the widow? Without money who creates opportunity for others to excel and succeed? With out money who has the testimony of success to inspire others?

The truth is when I first started a home business and plugged into Dani Johnson and what she teaches it was because I wanted to make money for me.  Now that I’ve become financially independent I get to focus on others.  That’s why this year my wife and I will donate over 100,000 dollars to help some of the worlds poorest at www.grouprev.com/dfi

I’m still all about making money and helping others make money.  Because I live in a land where I have the freedom and resources to choose who I will become.  I can become someone who can help the hopeless.  Without the resource of money I don’t have that same freedom or capability and neither do you.  You must make money because someone else is depending on your success!

Let’s Do More, Give More and Help More,
Stacy O’Quinn

P.S. Join us at www.grouprev.com/dfi

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