OH MY GOSH, This Just Happened? Don’t forget the P.P.S. Either



Today for the next 72 hours we are launching a campaign and we need your help, to help more people.  More kids to be exact.  Join an ordinary group of people that are doing something extraordinary.  1.2 Million kids a year are trafficked in the sex trade every year.  This isn’t a 3rd world country problem either.  According to testimony to congress 100,000 people are trafficked in the US most are kids, many not old enough to drive and usually for sex.  Imagine if your child or a loved one was kidnapped only to find out they were forced into the sex trade here or abroad?  What would you do?  How far would you go?  What price would you pay? FOR FREEDOM.

If you read this in the last blog post there has been a major update!  Successful business man Stuart Lynn from TX.  A man that is no stranger to helping people make great things happened.  Just heard what we were doing and I just got off the phone with him.  He’s committed to doubling our $4,000 dollar match and it is now $8,000 for the next 72 hours!  There has also been an update for those that help us spread the word.  Read the bold print below

For the next 72 hours we will be matching dollar for dollar money that is donated to the Race for Freedom up $4,000.  Go to http://www.grouprev.com/racetofreedom and make a donation now.  If you’ve ever wanted to help make a difference this is your chance.  Every dollar you give will be multiplied!  Let’s help these kids right now!  It doesn’t matter if it’s $20, $200 or even $2,000 every little bit matters. 

We make a bigger difference together in business and life!
Stacy O’Quinn 


P.S. If you can’t give a dollar maybe you can give a couple of minutes.  Forward this message to someone else, promote it on facebook, twitter and etc. This will take a team effort, will you help? 

P.P.S. Who ever does the best promotion either on Facebook, Youtube, Twitter or anywhere else to spread the word about this match we will give a $100 Visa Gift Card.  Because you care about the kids!  Stuart and myself will make a judgment call, so just tag us in your promos and share this link www.stacyoquinn.com So we can see who is doing what!

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