Working from Home = Freedom


Recently after returning from a weekend at a Dani Johnson training event, while the training was powerful and I absolutely recommend Dani Johnson to anyone in a home business something else more practical came out of that weekend.  Traveling on an airplane or staying in a hotel there is always a risk that if you are going to catch a virus or some type of cold it’s going to happen in those environments. 

After an intense weekend going through First Steps to Success with Dani Johnson, I came home with a wicked cold.  As I type this my voice is still struggling and it feels like I’m on the mend.  But the best part about working from home is the freedom not to have to worry if I have a sick day, vacation day or if my boss is going to let me off.  I get to work when I want and how I want.  No I haven’t actually stopped working, but I’ve had the FREEDOM to work at my own pace and get some extra sleep and needed rest.  If you have a legitimate home business you’ve experienced real freedom.  To travel when you want.  To have time off and vacation when you want and build memories with your kids and grandkids.  It’s a freedom that is so foreign to most.

Have you ever talked to someone about having the ability to work from home and they just thought it was too good to be true?  It’s amazing the box we get stuck in because a real concept is “foreign” to us.  If you have a legitimate lucrative home business, it’s because you believed there was something better than the daily grind and you did some thing about it!  Congrats to you, because anyone can choose a life of freedom but most choose to believe what they’ve been told.


God Bless,
Stacy O’Quinn

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