Working from Home has it’s benefits when you are sick


Well after a crazy weekend out of town with the family, I brought home a virus of some sort. I started feeling it Monday evening. Got sick Monday night and from Monday till mid morning on Tuesday the bathroom was my friend.

As I lay in bed sick it occurred to me I’m glad I’m not in the military anymore. I’d have to go to the clinic and they may or may not have sent me home for the day then I would have to stay at work unless my boss decided out of the goodness of his heart to send me home. Then I was like wow after talking to my sister-in-law this weekend if I worked any other job we would have to worry about having enough time off to take a sick day. No Thanks!

We had one of those crazy 24 hour virus’s that hit the entire family. Edgar woke up yesterday morning he’s two. He said, “Mommy I sick in my bed, yucky.” We had to throw away his pillow. By that evening I started feeling better but Dawn was not doing well so I basically managed the kids, Alexis who’s 4 and Edgar who’s 2. Alexis woke up this morning talking about the big day we had yesterday. hehe She so far was the only one that did not get sick.

The good news is it appears to have only been a 24 hour bug and we did get through it. Working from home allowed us to have a “Big Day” at least together as a family. No stress of a normal job. I’m grateful for the small blessings!

Have a Great Day!
Stacy O’Quinn

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