Working from Home Takes Team Work


Today is the first day of the DFI Dial A Thon.  This should be named something different because dial-a-thon sounds like work, but the dial-a-thon is a blast.  Any thing you do alone is harder than working together as a team.  One of the things that makes our company so lucrative is the legitimate desire for so many people to connect and work together.  So many people legitimately wanting to help and work with you in your business and this sets us apart. 

Most people are only concerned about what’s in it for them.  Our leaders that lead by example are not making money by helping new people in our company.  They don’t make money by training people they are not even working with one on one.  The hours they volunteer on training calls does not directly benefit them at all financially.  But a real leader understands that helping someone have success leads to success.  If I help someone’s new person on a conference call even though I may not benefit directly at last I know that if one of my new associates need help someone else will be there when I may not can be available to help them.

That’s why we have the success we do.  That why we have the stories that we have.  The dial-a-thon is another example of people volunteering and working together doing the exact opposite of what everyone else does.  Today from 5-8pm we will all be on the phone talking to clients from our advertising companies and in a group chat room at the same time sharing our ideas, tips and successes all working together but separate. 

To be lucrative and legitimate on a large scale you must have team work!  Thanks to all of you who have blessed me in my personal business!

To Your Success,
Stacy O’Quinn

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