Working with the greatest people on Earth


Getting up and going to work every day is a joy when you work with the best people you’ve ever met.  That maybe a hidden secret to success no one ever talks about.  I haven’t heard many guru’s or read many books that talk about it.  The truth is if you find someone awesome, then find a way to partner with them and work together

Once you find a way to work together you may find you have more friends than you realized. You enjoy seeing their face, hearing their laughter and celebrating the successes and encouraging them through challenges they go through. The people I’ve gotten to work with over the years in every area often creates relationships that will transcend generations.  We watch each other’s kids from learning to walk, to eventually dating, to building a future and we each support one another.

Time passes by and with the friends that we’ve made we are able to do more together and gain more joy from it.  We make more money, working with solid ethical people that are trust worthy.  We can change a village in one of the poorest places on earth like we are currently doing We can vacation and have adventures in places like Nicaragua, Belize, Disney and swimming with the dolphins in Orlando, Eating Tex Mex in San Antonio TX, eating fresh sushi ocean side in California, hiking the blue ridge mountains, going on cruises… it’s all been more fun with the people we work with.

Having like minded people working for the same goal of enjoying the life God gave us and building a solid secure future full of memories.  That’s true friends and the people I work with are my friends and there is no question I have the greatest friends on Earth.

If you are reading this and you are a friend Thank You!
To Your Success,
Stacy O’Quinn

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