Would You Be Chosen?


The Executive Boot Camp screening process will be openly shared tomorrow.  In this article I’m going to share what it is and what it will take to be chosen.  First off if you’ve been working with me long or following what I do you know that the last time I did a mentorship training people made more money than they ever had and decreased their stress while paying off debt. I DIDN’T CHARGE A DIME FOR IT AND I WON’T THIS TIME EITHER.

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getting to the top

Now this new group will do more, be more and eventually take the next step that we didn’t do last time.  This new group will not only increase their income but also help others do the same.  This new group will not only get out of debt but help others do the same.  This new group will not only learn investment strategies to grow long term wealth for generations to come but the will help others to do the same.  Someone has to be the tip of the spear and lead the way to impact and help others and this new group will do just that!

How do you get chosen for this group?  First you apply but you have to show three things, first a choice, second commitment and finally a resolve and grit that you know what you want and you are committed to your success to get there!


1.  The Choice: – An amazing business man and NFL football player Shawn Harper said, “We are not born winners or losers we are born choosers.”  It all starts with the choice that you don’t want to be on the slow path to success.  You don’t want to allow another decade to go by and you not be where you know you should be.  That choice puts you in a place to not only be mentored but also follow through.  Nothing happens with out first making the choice I’m doing this no matter what, come hell or high water!

2. The Commitment: – The commitment is the glue that puts it all together.  To learn and apply you understand that while I may mentor you for free, it will take a commitment of time and money.  You have to commit to learn and to work.  Our goal is to increase your results while you learn and work, but with out commitment our mentorship can’t last long because it would go from learning to entertaining.  I’m not an entertainer and I’m after your success first and foremost.  If you are not committed I can’t be committed for you.

3. Grit and Resolve: – This will piggy back commitment but you have to understand as you build your skill and you create some success there will always be another skill needed.  Raising a infant doesn’t mean you know how to raise a toddler or a teenager.  We are going from “Glory to Glory” as God intended it so being prepared to conquer the unknown but know that it’s worth it no matter what is grit and resolve.

First making the choice, then having commitment to invest time and money in your success and maintaining a healthy dose of grit and resolve will get you chosen.  You can be the first one in your friends and family to be debt-free, to travel the world having a blast, helping others and follow a proven step by step approach.  Together we can do more!

Join us this Thursday on the All Star Call at 5pm as HISTORY is MADE!

To Your Success,
Stacy O’Quinn 


P.S. While I’m completely volunteering my time and most of the people I’m working with will not be able to directly impact me or my income.  This is not charity we will have strategy coupled with accountability… success is simple and we will get there together!  Because being at the top doesn’t have to be lonely.

P.P.S. I believe in you.

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