Yes, You Can Be Happy


So often people want to work from home so they can make more money and be happier.  The truth is money isn’t everything but it sure makes life easier.  Before you begin down the journey of working from home make sure you know what you are wanting to accomplish.  Most people are driven by some type of challenge, others simply want to help others, some like to have a solid plan for financial freedom or building wealth and yet others are just looking to be stress and worry free and living life to the fullest, just having a stinking blast.


Maybe a challenge is what motivates you? If that’s the case allow money to be the tool of the challenge and not the goal of the challenge.  Maybe you want to become debt-free or be able to by your dream car or take your dream trip? Then let money be one part of the equation as you search for the best deal and at the same time let saving money be a challenge as well.  So you are attacking that challenge from all sides not just money alone.  It will make you much happier as you accomplish the goal much quicker and money is just one tiny part of the whole equation.  If you can be motivated by money alone you can be bought to do anything.


It’s possible your main motivation is to help other people.  Then your focus needs to be on the money only as a means to an end.  Many times people who want to help people give away their products or service because they are giving “false” help.  The truth is if your goal is to really help people and make a difference in the world we live in, God has given you an awesome heart.  Sell your product actively at full price plus shipping, work your business like a profession.  So you can then take the money and feed the hungry, help the homeless and rescue orphans.  Don’t let the idea of money hold you back let it, propel you to help more.


It could be that your main purpose for working is to secure your financial future.  One thing to keep in mind is making money is only a portion of the solution.  According to the Millionaire next door the average millionaire never earned more than about 75K a year.  While making a much as possible is nice, what that means is it’s not about chasing money for wealth alone, but using the money we have and earn to build wealth.  What we do with money is more important than how much we make.  But if we have a plan and can use money wisely then we will be more happy in the long run.  If we don’t have a plan other than to make money then that doesn’t secure our future and it also puts us on a treadmill we can’t seem to run fast enough.


Finally,  it’s very likely your main goal to happiness is total freedom.  To do what you want when you want, with who you want, how you want.  You probably don’t want any stress or worry.  If your focus is money only, you will only have stress and worry.  But if you come up with a sensible plan and I hate to say the words “loose budget” to understand how you are using what you are gaining. Then you will have less stress and much more fun.  Then you can plan vacations and adventures with your family.  Like me every time you make a new connection it could be a new friend that you are eventually traveling the world with.


Happiness is possible for all of us.  Money is definitely important and valuable in our society but it by itself creates stress and frustration.  To ensure that the work you do truly makes you happy learn first how to build your plans and spend your money in a way that gets you true happiness. At the end of the day we must not forget our work and our money is really only one tiny part of the equation.   So let it be a tool not a pain in your side.  Then you will get more done in less time and be much much happier!


To Your Success,
Stacy O’Quinn

P.S. I just recently planned a vacation with some of the coolest people I know.  About 30 of us will hang out and have a blast building memories together! on an 8 day cruise at the end of the year.  I’ve made a ton of money, and that’s amazing.  But how you use it is what really helps you to become happy!  God Bless.

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