You Can Be Who God Designed You to Be


What you are about to watch is one going to create one of the most powerful 6 minutes you may ever experience.  I encourage you to share this with as many people as you can.  God put a specific purpose in you and you are too important not to do what you were designed for.  How do you know what you were designed for? 

“Desire reveals the design and design reveals the destiny”
Dani Johnson

Years ago when I started a small business from my home while I was in the military there wasn’t much support.  Most people who watched didn’t believe in me.  The key for me was if I was going to pay off all of my debt, which I did all $292,000 I had to do it with people who supported me.  Thankfully I had my wife and brother that supported me. My brother told me about Dani Johnson and her training was the “How To” with that business.

This video reminds me there is always another step, purpose or reason for you and I.  This year we are giving away the first 100,000 dollars we make to www.grouprev.com/dfi


I believe you can,
Stacy O’Quinn


P.S.  You can help by just spreading this page and for every like we will donate one dollar to help the extreme poor.

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