YOU Can Help Me Give Away My Money


Ok I have been inspired!  I need your help.

I’ve always wanted to have a BIG Impact on helping those less fortunate.  And we do give away a lot of money, we are avid tithers and I believe the Bible commands that we do that and it’s a serious wealth principal to actually tithe.  Heck it ain’t our money in the first place.

So to move forward since giving 10% of our income is natural.  There has always been a desire to do more than that but, as soon as we receive the income other things “come up”.  So we are going to spend the money in advance this December.  So this month 50% of what we earn will be donated before it ever hits our bank account, right up front.

We are giving away 50% of our income and donating it to

We give to the Kings Ransom Foundation because our giving is anonymous when it reaches the source and because the organization has ZERO overhead so 100% of our donation goes to the Widowed, Homeless and Hungry.

How can you help?  It’s simple anyone you know looking to travel at extremely discounted rates or anyone looking to work with a great company, part-time and develop a lucrative income you send them here.  Have them complete this form —> Cheap Travel.  Half of what we earn we will give away this month!


Help me Bless those Less Fortunate
Stacy O’Quinn


  1. Dianne Mc Guigan says:

    LOVE THIS!!!!!!!

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