You Could Do More, Inspired by Peter Harpster


Peter Harpster is a business man, dad, Christian and author.  Recently after reading one of his blog post while I was in the process of shooting some videos for my youtube channel I got inspired by the content.  He was talking about how people stay in the same old rut and  same old struggles and he likened it to the TV show “Breaking Bad”.  You don’t have to wait until you are laid off or there is a tragic event and you feel helpless or forced to do something different in a time of emergency.  You can make the choices to step out and improve your life now.

Peter Harpster talked about what if you had mentor?  What if you had someone who has done some of the things you want to do and they actually helped you?  Those mentors do exist but you can’t find them with out looking.  For a man in his early twenties this was amazing wisdom.

Watch the short videos below!  Then read his blog.





You can read the article that inspired me right here on Peter’s Website


The Truth is…
You don’t have to let life catch you off guard!
You don’t have to settle for a rut!
You don’t have to be in need or lack!
You were designed for more!

Stacy O’Quinn 


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