You Don’t Have to Be Perfect!


Just willing. mark-twaim_free-will2


It is incredible so often you face a dream and it stays there you just fantasize about it.  There is a natural hope and desire but it stays a dream.  It maybe that house you want to live in one day.  The land you’d like to buy maybe having an organic garden or horses?  For you, maybe it’s just a house on the beach, lake or maybe up in the mountains.  Or it could be one at each location?  Heck, maybe you dream about not paying rent or having a mortgage on your current home?  How does that dream become a reality?

So often you will not even attempt to go after that dream in any meaningful way.  Simply because you are afraid of failure.  What if you make that investment, what if you take that “risk”, what if you take that promotion and somehow it doesn’t work?  The facts are simple some of those investments will fail, some of those risk will not end like you want and even that promotion could be a challenge.  But the difference in doing versus procrastinating is you are actually learning, you actually are gaining a skill and a perspective so the next time around the next risk isn’t the same type of risk or that next promotion isn’t that scary.

It’s not about being perfect it’s about being willing? When you are willing, suddenly your dream isn’t a dream it’s a goal.  It’s actually something you can begin to formulate the best way to get there.  You begin to attain skill set! 

Recently a good friend of mine called me up.  She works from home with a home based business and she was extremely frustrated because she felt like she wasn’t making the money she wanted to make even though, she’s a mom, a wife and committed to her home business.  In the conversation it was easy to tell that her “lack of income” has been an issue and created a lot of stress in her home.  She debated if a minimum wage job might pay her better?  Thankfully she kept awesome numbers in her business so we broke down the numbers and she was actually making $17.50 an hour working from home part time.

So you maybe saying, why was she frustrated?  Well because she hasn’t hit some of her personal goals.  So that fear she had, before she ever started that maybe she would fail was showing back up in her frustration.  But here’s the facts, her skill set will never decrease.  NO she’s not at the six figure income yet, but there are a ton of people who wish they could make 17.50 an hour on average working from home.  So guess what she’s not perfect.  But because a while back she was at least willing, what she originally thought was a failure we were able work through the numbers and CLEARLY see her successes and where she needed to work on next.  You see that 6 figure income is not a dream for her, it’s not a fantasy.  It’s a reality and she’s built a skill set that proves it’s on the way.  It’s not a risk anymore it’s just a matter of time!

You don’t have to be perfect, you just have to be willing.  Your free will is an amazing gift.  How you use it will have an unimaginable effect over the course of your life.  Just being willing you will gain skill set, friends, knowledge, money, joy and more than you could ever imagine.  How does the greatest investors on the planet become good at investing?  Being willing to make that first investment!  Period!


None of humans will ever be perfect!
Stacy O’Quinn 

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