You Don’t Need a Degree for Your Home Business


“The market place pays for value”  Dani Johnson.


That happens to be a very accurate statement.  I think if we take it one step farther the market place value’s skill.  The value you have is based on your education and experience.  Most of us have been taught to get a good job you need a degree.  But does that really guarantee your skills set?  What skill did your degree give you? Roughly 90% of the people who get a degree don’t even use it to earn an income.  Only about 10% that take a college class will ever actually get a degree.

But training is imperative to your ability to gain skill.  So what kind of skill do you need in a home business?  You need to know how to get clients. You need to know what to say to clients so they know what you have to offer.  You need to develop multiple distribution channels for your products and services.  You need to how to get more people who know what you have and why they need it.  Unfortunately products don’t sale themselves but people sale products.  So where can you learn all the skills you need for your home business with out a degree?


I gained all I ever needed to go from zero to multiple six figures via Dani Johnson and First Steps to Success.  Her training is not company or product specific but it’s very skill specific.  Recently I had a chance to share my on story on a stage at First Steps.  Previously I had never earned one dime in a home business.  I actually didn’t even believe it was possible to earn money from home over the Internet.  But today I earn multiple 6 figures and have helped others earn thousands and thousands of dollars.  It all started with my very first Dani Johnson training event.

Why would I share this?  Is it for you?  Not really, it’s for the people I work with.  Hopefully sharing it in this open environment they will understand they don’t need a college degree but they do need skill and skill comes from training.  It’s amazing that you have taken a college class and you may or may not have completed your degree.  But you want a new skill at working from home but you may not be willing to pay what it cost for one semester hour and a weekend training event with Dani Johnson to get the skill you need?

That’s called Genius!
Stacy O’Quinn

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