You Gotta Get it, Never Taught Only Caught


One of the most valuable success tips I’ve ever gotten wasn’t actually ever taught to me.  Dani Johnson says some things are taught and some things are caught.  This is one of the things that I actually “caught” from Dani Johnson.  It has not only allowed me to succeed incredibly it’s made it possible that I can truly have a real impact on other people.  In the beginning I didn’t completely realize how powerful it was.  I also didn’t know how RARE THIS REALLY IS.

The fact is if you can have a strong sincere desire to help other people.  One that doesn’t give you the credit but just allows you to have a genuine impact on maybe that dad that just got laid off or that mom that wants to be home with her kids.  If you care more about someone else”s success your own is guaranteed.  Today I’m very blessed to make a great income.  But it’s not even the money I make that makes the biggest impact it’s helping someone else make that first check or pay off that first debt that is extremely priceless.  Heck most of the time I couldn’t tell you how much money I made in a month, normally I have to ask my wife.

I’m well aware of the fact that it takes money to live.  But if you didn’t have money where are your friends, where are those people that will go out of their way in your life to pick you up and help you up if you need it?  Where are the people that absolutely care about you?  Who are your real fans, cheering you on and encouraging you each and every step of the way?  Most people have only one person, maybe two if they are are lucky some of none.

Today I work with a small army, that cares about me and I care about them.  My success absolutely exploded when I learned how to give back often times without any direct compensation or recognition.  Success by yourself by yourself is an extremely lonely place.  But success with others, allows for more team work in helping other people and even creating memories together.  Our families not only care about one another but we travel together on vacations, to help build orphanages and our kids are building memories together.  THAT IS PRICELESS!

Try to truly care for someone else.  It’s an extremely rare in this day an age of many people only care about themselves first.  Step up and make a positive impact, build a new life long friendship.


To Your Success,
Stacy O’Quinn 


P.S. Dani Johnson and what she teaches is really priceless.  How do you put a price on this kind of impact?  If you are focused on building paychecks for others your paycheck will always grow (you don’t have to focus on it)


P.P.S. Here is a rare glimpse of a training call that was done with our company.  Warning: This is RAW and REAL.  You have to making an impact like this. Grab a pen and paper sit in a quiet spot and just listen carefully.

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