You Have to be WILD About Your Success


Success is one of those things that look different to all of us.  Maybe for one person it’s measured by finances, assets, relationships or freedom.  Maybe it’s a combination of all or something totally different for someone else.  But for so many people they dream about success or what will happen one day or eventually.  They say things like, “One day I’ll….”  or “One day I’m going to be able to….”.  But for many that one day never really comes.

Why?  Why does one person live a life they always wish could be different but it never is?  How come some people succeed but others don’t?  Does it have to do with smarts?  Is it who’s the smartest? Really? Truth is I’m pretty dumb and figured it out? So what happens to create success?

I think the answer to all of those questions is very simple.  The GREAT NEWS is once you get it and I mean really get it deep inside of you your success is coming.  See those people that succeed are really wild about their success.  They have passion, determination and a never say never attitude.  You see they don’t blame their circumstances, they don’t blame other people’s success on luck.  They realized they were created by a big God who is perfect in every way.  They realize that they do have the same gift a free will we all have.  They realize they can make a decision to change not only their life but their kids life and grandkids for generations to come.

See if we are not wild about our success, the first circumstance out of our control will knock us down.  Suddenly we allow life’s circumstances to control us.  When you are wild about success you realize, life doesn’t happen to you but with God’s help you happen to life.  Life doesn’t limit you, life is limitless through you! Every single successful and unsuccessful people deal with the same challenges that life throws at them. But many people choose to be the victims versus making the circumstance a speed bump on the road to success.  What are you living this life for?  Start living it now to the fullest!  The struggle you are going through today does not have to be your hindrance of tomorrow.  It can become your corner stone of success.  It can be that thing that propels you! 


Be Wild about your success,
Stacy O’Quinn 


P.S. I believe in you! Period!

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