You Should Not Pay to Work From Home!


This is one of the biggest lies you hear when you start talking to clueless people about working from home.  The fact is every single opportunity to earn income will cost you some money out of pocket most likely.  There are only 3 options.  The first as an employee which is the least expensive with the most restrictions.  The second option is to be a contractor or distributor which will cost more but have more freedoms.  The final option will be operating your own business marketing some type of service or product which has the most expense but also has the most freedoms and usually the most potential with no cap on your income.

The first option to to be a true blue employee working for a company but doing all of your work from home.  Many companies are reluctant to go this route because while there are studies that show people can increase productivity at home there has to be significant milestones with checks and balances because many great employees have been lost.  Because  once they started to work from home they could not meet company demands outside of an office environment with distractions that came with being at home.  Most companies will only allow certain positions to telecommute.  But often they will decrease an employees pay, increase the work load so that there is less reward to being at home, expect the employee to have certain hardware and software requirements which will cost more money and with out being in the office it tends to be hard to climb the corporate ladder.  The bottom line it usually doesn’t work because not only does it end up not being lucrative the employee is seeking more freedom and most companies are attempting to control that freedom.

The second best option to working from home would be to be an independent contractor or distributor.  This is where many of your real estate agents, insurance agents, outside sales reps that don’t have to go to an office and most of your network marketing and multilevel marketing companies fall.  Often times these people are told they can work independent and their freedom is often touted as a benefit.  But usually they have to leave the home for required appointments and meetings.  These people have to pay various types of registration fees, annual professional fees and may even have specific software or hard ware requirements for their telecommunications and internet services that they also have to pay for.  Most companies establish some type of forced or expected quota often times your compensation will be tied to specific expectations monthly.  So while you are not an employee and you won’t have expected work hours. You will have expectations that the company can place over you ie quotas or sales goals.  They can increase or decrease your pay any time.  If you are paid a paycheck and a company sends you a 1099 in the US for your taxes you are controlled by that company.  So this is the worse position to be in working from home.  You pay “fees” to a company for the ability to have that work from home position and then they still place certain controls on you so if you planned to vacation or travel it’s going to cost you if you don’t meet your quota.

Finally the third solution and best option is tojust be self employed.  Find a product or service to market that is lucrative and make more money with all the freedom you want.  Yes it can be more expensive either creating the product or acquiring wholesale rights and access to a product but once that’s done.  It’s simple, just get some basic advertising get in front of clients pay for any training you need as you need it.  I highly recommend First Steps to Success BTW.  Your clients pay you directly, you keep more money in your pocket which means it’s more lucrative and tons more freedom.  It’s what we started doing almost 8 years ago and it’s how we are now able to live a very non traditional live.  Traveling the world weeks or even a month at the time, that’s ultimate freedom!  If I go on vacation I don’t get penalized by a company.


This is Ultimate Freedom,
Stacy O’Quinn


P.S. The decision is yours… how long will you wait?  Hell even a lottery ticket cost money.

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