Your Legitimate Home Business is FLAWED


Regardless how good your product is, regardless how great the training is, it doesn’t matter if you have an easy way to get clients, it doesn’t matter if you’ve scripted it all out and it doesn’t matter how many people you’ve helped succeed.

The truth is every legitimate home business should have simplified everything so a new person knows what it takes to succeed.  Your home business probably has all that already.  It may be what motivated you to start your own home based business.  I mean if it’s all figured out you just have to do the work and then reap the rewards like paying off debt and spending more time with your kids…. WHAT A GREAT DEAL.  But there is the problem!

Just like my company, product, system, or opportunity we all essentially have it figured out for us but we have to do the work.  That’s the flaw you face and the flaw I face.  See you and I may work but not everyone we come across is really willing to work for success.  We live in a world where people sometimes think because they are breathing they deserve something for nothing.

It’s like seeing a testimonial somewhere of someone’s success and having to place a disclaimer on it.  Our government agrees with us most people expect results with out that hard work someone else put in, they even make companies tell you that only those that work hard get results like that.  So this Thanksgiving season let’s be thankful for our product, for our system, our ability provided to help get clients, the scripts and training.  Let’s be thankful for those that do want to work.

Never let someone who finds the flaw in your business and realizes… GASP….
It’s a  real business and takes work.  Imagine that! Your business may prove lucrative no doubt!  But it’s not a lottery ticket!


Sorry to point out the flaws in what you do,
Stacy O’Quinn


P.S. Thank God we can handle the truth!  Amen!

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