Your Past Education Hasn’t Helped You…


You’ve been stuck in this rut or as the video series I’ve been making states you’ve been stuck in this box.  The box you are stuck in is the day to day grind but you aren’t happy.  You are not getting where you want to be.  Life is going by but how are you ever suppose to get ahead? 

The bad news is you graduated high school and regardless if you went to college or not at the end of your traditional educational journey.  You quickly learn that you are no better off.  HECK!, you could even be worse off with more debt, but no more prepared to have a stable, solid, financial future with time freedom and financial independence. 

Life isn’t suppose to be like this.  Life is suppose to be fun!  Life is suppose to be enjoyable!  In this latest installment of the “Breaking the Box” series I talk about some of the trouble with our education and what we need to look for to learn the “How To”.

Let’s face it, if we knew better we’d do better!


YOUR LIFE was meant for more!
Let’s do it together,
Stacy O’Quinn

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